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Re: XPS 435 Owners Thread

Managed a couple of days of run time using the 2 setting in Multiprocessor but then the media reader disappeared and would not load the driver and freezing screens began again. The only way I could keep things somewhat running was to set it to 1 in Multiprocessor which simply is unsatisfactory so I logged a ticket.

Tech I got was very good and had me pull the CMOS Battery and reinsert it then power it back up which immediately found the Media Readers.

Hmm, interesting about the media reader?

For the last 4 months I've had problems with the Media Reader. It keeps disappearing, but not completely. The USB port on it always works.

First time it disappeared I called and they sent a new device. I posted here and was told some had bad electrical connection, but that for the 19-in-1, not the 15-in-1 in the 435T. I opened the case and looked and tried to check the cables. I tightened the screw, turned the system on, and the unit was working. Called Dell and canceled the call.

About 3 weeks later, same thing... Dell sent a new part and now suspected the cable, so a new cable as well. It was installed and the system immediately 'found new h/w'? and all was well. Odd I thought it would find new h/w, but...

OK, 2 weeks later, it was not found again. Called Dell, told me to open the case, and reset cables. Did that, and it was back... The said 'we will monitor this and if it happens again, we will replace the motherboard'.

2 days ago it happened again.

At first I got the story it had to be the OS and they wanted me to do a CLEAN INSTALL... I protested and didn't even want to do an in-place re-install. After the phone person consulted a 'area specialist' she agreed to replace the motherboard, but if it happens again I must do a clean system install.

Why am I bothering to tell you this? These could be related to a bad motherboard 'run' possibly. I also have 8GB's of memory, originally called 'triple channel' when I purchased in early May. 4 2GB cards, laid out in slots 1-4. Well, it actually was Dual Channel.. complained, waste of time. Later the web page was changed to Dual Channel for 8 GB's. I found out later that slots 2, 4, and 6 if used would have those run as Triple Channel and I could put the last card in 1 and it would run dual channel by itself (some sites say that they all run Triple channel). I never had the bios set to anything but ALL though.

I suspect one of 3 outcomes from the montherboard replacement.

  1. Within 2 weeks it will fail again.
  2. It will work properly 'forever' and I then would suspect a bad cable socket.
  3. It will work forever and it might have been a heat buildup problem.

I will look and see if the board are the same or different 'engineering' levels though.

I find it interesting that removing the battery brought back the media reader though? Sure rules out the OS, doesn't it?



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