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Re: New Optiplex 960 turns itself back on

I have a GX620 that does the exact same thing. With a power-down or hibernate, when the system goes down, the green power-switch lamp goes off, then a second later, the system powers back up on its own. When it first started, I truly believed it had to be related to the motherboard, so before the system went out of warantee, I managed to get Dell to replace the motherboard... No joy, still does it.. I'm living with it, by holding the power button down to force a power off. Could it be the front panel board or ribbon-cable feeding the front-panel board??? Love to get this fixed...

Further note: this can't be an OS problem as I see it under XP, Vista, Win7RC, and Ubuntu (this machine has a flock of harddrives I swap in/out for the various OS)

 Note to original poster: if you hold the power button down for 10 sec or so, in my case, the system does power off and stay off...


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