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Re: Vostro 200 PCI-e Problem

I bought a PNY Geforce 210 PCI-e card for Vostro 200 Slim  which also did not work despite all of the above maneuvers. (re-flash the Bios, etc) . I also attempted to install it in safe mode.  Since I didn't know about these posts I called PNY and the the technician at PNY told me to try the video card in another computer to see if it was the PCI-e slot or the card and in a Vostrol 220 it apparently blew out the motherboard!  I actually got some video on the Vostro 200 but it was unreadible psychedlic and the mouse icon was a 1 cm square. PNY replaced the video card and the same thing with the second card. Is there any PCI-e card that really does work??  Is Dell going to help find out why the PCI-e slot doesn't apparenly work? And fix it?

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