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Re: Vostro 200 PCI-e Problem

I too had the same problem, even after installing the latest BIOS, changing the BIOS setting to PCI-e, even installing a fresh copy of Windows. We found an interesting solution though. I spoke to Dell and they sent a technician out to replace the M/B. With the new M/B we had the same issue. The Vostro shipped with 3Gb of RAM (2 x 1GB and 2 x 512MB) and I suggested that the only thing that I had not tried was changing the RAM, not really expecting that that was the problem. I happen to have 4Gb (2 x 2GB) in stock so we tried that and everything worked perfectly. We could not believe that the RAM could cause the problem. The technician then placed the 2 x 1Gb that originally shipped with the Vostro in and they worked perfectly as well. He then placed the 2 x 512Mb in by themselves and they worked as well. He then put the 2 x 1Gb and the 2 x 512Mb in and the problem was back again. The technician contacted Dell and they arranged for 2 x 2Gb  to be supplied the following day and all has run perfectly ever since.