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Memory question for Inspiron 530s

A co-worker just received a few memory & gave me 2 of them (2GB x 2) - I am wondering if they will work on my computer:

The memory are:  CORSAIR XMS2 4GB PC2-6400 DDR2-800 Memory Kit TWIN2X4096-6400C5.


My computer info:

Inspiron Desktop 530s Slim Tower: Intel Pentium dual-core processor E2140 (1MB L2,1.60GHz,800 FSB)

Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset family


Window Vista Home Premium

32-bit Operating system


Will the above mentioned Corsair memory be good for my computer?

If so - can I just remove the memory in my computer & replace them with the Corsair?

 I don't know if mix & matching will work as the ones in my computer are 667MHz & the Corsair are 800MHz.


I am planing on upgrading my computer - but currently as all of us are - short on cash.


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Memory question for Inspiron 530s

Also my computer have 4 slots  - it said up to 1Gb each - would that be a problem putting a 2GB in a 1 GB slot?

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Re: Memory question for Inspiron 530s


My 530s came with 800MHz memory and I have upgraded it to 4GB.

The Owners Manual 530s says:



Processor type: Intel® Core2 Duo processor

Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core processor

Intel® Celeron® processor

Level 2 (L2) cache At least 512 KB pipelined-burst, eight-way set

associative, writeback SRAM


Type: 667-MHz, 800-MHz DDR2 SDRAM

Memory: connectors four

Memory capacities: 512 MB, 1 GB or 2 GB

Minimum memory: 512 MB

Maximum memory: 4 GB


Your post says "2 X 2GB Dimms" and later says "Memory Kit TWIN2X4096-6400C5". Is it a total of 4GB or total of 8GB?

Your system Maximum is 4GB. It can take 4 X 1GB or 2 X 2GB, but won't take a single 4GB Dimm.

According to my manual, I would check your manual in case it is different than mine, the 800MHz memory should work for you. I have read that you can mix the memory but it is better to use the same or matched pairs. If you are going to change it replace both Dimms.


You can also trying checking at the Memory manufactorers websites, like:

Corsair memory configurator



Memory Type 
DDR2-667 (PC2-5300) 



240-pin DIMM

    Heat Spreader


Inspiron 530s:

Maximum Memory » 4096 MB 
Expansion Slots » 4 
CPU Information » Intel Core 2 Duo 
Other Details » Intel G33 Express, 800 FSB, Intel VIIV Technology 

This indicates you should use the 667MHz, but it is wrong for my computer.


I use a System information program called "SIW", you can download it free from:

It doesn't install on your computer but you will need to 'allow' it to run. It will tell you alot about your computer system information.

Download it. Un-zip ( if it is zipped ), click the 'siw.exe' file, click "allow" in the pop up window.

It will check your system, after the full page comes up, expand 'Hardware' then click 'memory' it will tell you in "memory Summary":

Maximum Capacity   (mine is 4096 M Bytes)

Maximum Memory Module Size (mine is 2048MBytes)

Memory Slots   4


And alot more infomation. If your "Maximum Memory Module Size is 2048MBytes" then your new 2 X 2GB Memory Dimms will work.

The type and speed of memory your computer can use depends on the CPU and mother board. So you need to confirm your system will handle it.

You can also check some of the other manufactorers websites some have 'Memory scanner tools' that will scan your computer and tell you what specs will work on your machine.

Try Crucial website:

I just checked this site and by slecting - Dell - Inspiron - 530s it says 667MHz, and I know mine uses 800MHz.

Try the download  'Memory scanner tools'  it should tell you if it can use the 800MHz.


For me the best way to check is use the "SIW" tool mentioned above.


If you decide to change your Dimms to the 2 X 2GB, take the old ones out and put the 2 new ones in the same slots. A 32 bit OS can only use a maximum of 4GB memory.

After you install 4GB of memory Vista will say it has something like 3.5GB memory (may be different on your machine), I have read several debates on this issue, but from what I can tell some hardware will dedicate some of the processor addresses for its use leaving less than 4GB (processor adresses) available for other resources like memory. I think 3.5GB is better than 3GB and for the price of memory these days I can live with it.

Hope this helps,


Edited 8-May-09

Just found this thread, it explains the "missing RAM" issue.

Quote from Mr._Pseudonym:

"The processor must also communicate with other things, such as the graphics card, sound card, input/output controllers for the keyboard, mouse/touchpad, optical drive, hard drive, USB and other ports, and so on.  Since the range of addresses used by these must exist withing the 4,294,967,296 address space, the whole range cannot be used for RAM."

I have seen other brief explanations but this one explains it better, Thanks MR.Pseudonym.




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Re: Memory question for Inspiron 530s

Dell has shipped several versions on the 530s system.

The following applies to the standard 530s system:

  • Upto 8GB of RAM can be used providing the BIOS is version 1.0.12 or later (current version for 530s is 1.0.18).  Release notes for version 1.0.12 state a fix for memory configurations >4GB.  Remember to read all the guidance before updating BIOS as this is an advanced procedure.
  • You can install up to 2GB of memory per slot. 
  • Dell advises these should be matched pairs - one pair in  DIMM 1 and 3 the other in DIMM 2 and 4.
  • RAM should be DDR2 SDRAM(667/800-MHz) 240pin variety.
  • The manual for the 530s has not been updated to 8GB and still says 4GB is max supported.  Also note that if you use the scanner, it will also state only 4GB is supported, which is the "official" spec but not the real story.

I have been running a 530s system with 6GB RAM.  I can confirm it is addressed and utilised by 64bit versions of Windows Vista and 7.  There is no point having  more than 4GB RAM in a 32bit system as 32bit cannot address more than 4GB.

Hope that helps.



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