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Re: Looking for a different motherboard for XPS 700

Hello Malordax,

As you must be aware, the XPS 700 is a proprietary system, based upon the BTX form factor MOBO, so no other form MOBO will fit, the Dell MOBO is what you are limited to.  The PSU pins work with the BTX only as will the other wiring from the PSU.  The fans are proprietary with Dell form connectors, so if you are thinking of migrating over to the ATX MOBO such as an ASUS, you are talking an overhaul of the inside of the case.  A great project if you do not need the rig and have the time to do the work.

You will then need software as well, as the OS is tied to the BIOS, which is tied to the MOBO, so your software would include a new retail version of Windows XP/Vista/ or 7, what ever you are going to run.


Darrell WV

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