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eSeries IRRT mode giving BSD's on XP (Sp1) (SP2) (Sp3) (Sysprep's)

Hi Guys,

FYI, yesterday, Saint Patrick’s Day is the day that eSeries BSD and its so famous SATA mode, IRRT will not be an issue any more for existing Master XP images.

-No matter what version of the Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager Driver you had (Version Released on 3/13/09) (of course I recommend to have the latest), or even if added the proper path on the Sysprep.ini file for the controllers, it still was not letting you to boot off the SATA mode IRRT and getting that lovely BSD "Stop 0x000007B (0x00000000, etc, etc, etc) etc.

Well, here it's the fix:

--> Note1: this will work even if you have already deployed images as ATA mode 🙂

-->Note 2: Here I'm just referring to the e4300 and e6400 models (I’m not sure if this fix will work on other eSeries or other models not stated here)

-->Note 3, this fix is just "as is" my recommendation is to first try it out on your systems for testing.

-->Note 4 I have tried out this on XP 32-bit systems... I do not know how well it will be on XP-64-bit

Step 1 Download the latest Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager Driver here:*+...

Step 2: go to the command line, navigate to the folder you downloaded the Intel drivers; extract the drivers by typing this command from the command prompt: iata87enu.exe -A -P C:\SATA\IntelMver8   (remember this location).

Step 3 Copy and paste the following in a Notepad file in your master XP image: (including "Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00"):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Step 4 Save it as "Fix_eSeries_IRRT_Mode.reg" (here you can name it whatever you want, but just make sure you put (.reg) as the extension for that file.

Step 5 once that .reg file has been saved, close it and do a Right-Click on it, then select "Merge"

Step 6 boot to the BIOS and change the SATA mode to IRRT: click on "Apply" then "Exit"

Step 7 Your LT will boot up and it will start detecting the new controller mode and its features...

Step 8 if the Hardware Wizard asks you for the drivers, just browse to the folder were you downloaded the Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager Driver.

Step 9 Restart the LT when asked to do so, (even if is not asked to do it so); then you are done.

Welcome to IRRT mode and its eSata features.

I hope this may be of a good help for those who, like me, were struggling trying to get XP Master images to work.

(FYI, I think there is no place in the "drivers code" (even on the latest version) code instructions to have uploaded those Registry keys into the XP Registry)

-Do not quote me on that, but for this fix, I figured out those entries were needed, and I have entered them manually to  make tht IRRT mode to work.

Thank you


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