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XPS 730 Overheating and Randomly Shutting Down

I have to say at this moment in time I'm seriously regretting purchasing this machine!

Approx 9 months ago I became the (not so) proud owner of an XPS 730H2C.

For about 8 months the machine has been performing fairly well with only the odd niggle, however about a month ago it started randomly switching itself off without any warning and also the fans seemed to be getting louder and louder.  This lead me to suspect a problem with the machine overheating.  I've been monitoring the CPU temperatures with CoreTemp and have found that one occasion when the CPU was at approx 70% load, the temperature in two of the cores hit 125 degrees celcius (not Farenheit!).  Even when idling the CPU seems to hit 50 degrees Celcius without even trying.

I've made several attempts to resolve the issue by thorough cleaning to ensure good air flow, changing fan settings through the nVidia control panel, a full reformat and re-install using nVidia reference drivers and the most upto date Dell drivers and short of underclocking the system have had no luck in resolving the issue.

With the fans running at full speed the system almost sounds like it's about to take off and makes it most unpleasant to use.  Having read this forum and other online sources, it does indeed seem that these machines have some overheating issues.  Does anyone have any other suggestions before I start what I suspect will be a very long and very unpleasant time with Dell and their utterly outstanding Technical Support?



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