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Re: XPS 730 Overheating and Randomly Shutting Down

My config is essentially the same - different video cards.  I'm not seeing where I can adjust fan speed with the nVidia control panel.  How did you do that?  Running Speedfan, I get readings of 70-80C for each of the processor cores.  Just before shutdown, the readings get a bit crazy (even negative numbers).  I'm not thinking that reformatting has anything to do with this.  Neither does the motherboard or the fans themselves, since I replaced these and had the same problem.  I'm left with the H2C subsystem as the probable culprit.  The wierd part is that once it shuts down, It typically can be restarted after two or three attempts in fairly rapid succession.  If the cores were truly overheated, it should take longer to cool down.  This would seem to indicate heat spikes - not a consistent cooling issue, but a sporadic one.  This can happen with virtually no load on the proecssors - for example when looking at streaming video from the web.  Just curious - does the silver tube from the H2C that's attached to the processor feel very hot to the touch?  Mine does - and Dell can't tell me if that's normal or not.  Oh well.

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