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Re: XPS 730 Overheating and Randomly Shutting Down

I'm not sure the H2C pump is the problem in my case.  I used Speedfan to monitor the core tems, and just before shutdown they spiked above 100C.  Normally they operate around 60-80C.  During the spike I noticed the fans were not running at any kind of higher speed, and they normally fluctuate up and down.  I adjusted the CPU fan speed using the nVidia control panel to 50% and the CPU temps have stayed around 60C since.  No shutdowns.  I asked Dell to send a new Master I/O board, since that controls the fans, and should get that tomorrow.  Guess we'll see what happens then.  On the other hand, if you got a message about the H2C pump failing - that is more likely to be your problem than the Master I/O.  I have had other problems since day 1 with this machine coming back from Sleep, (huge delays in keyboard and mouse response) and they have never resolved those.  Perhaps they are also related to the I/O board. 

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