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XPS GEN 4 SB Audigy 2 No Sound Problems

Help! I've ran out of ideas on what to troubleshoot next..or how to fix my "no sound problem". My husband installed a new WD Caviar Blue SATA HD on my XPS Gen 4 PC. After sucessfully installing all major components, we ran into a problem with the sound card. After much searching and post reading, I went to the Creative Labs website and down loaded the most up to date driver for my sound card; which I thought was kind of funny that I couldn't find the factory installed driver on Dell's website?! I checked my device manager after doing so and everything is working properly, the audio chipsets are working and were installed properly...nothing is muted, everything is defaulted and yet still no sound! Once I did the upgrade from the Creative Labs website, when I reboot my PC, I hear a portion of the windows start up melody..but not the entire thing..bizaar! I am fairly intermediate when it comes to PC's...and I read directions quite well..but I am at a loss as to what to do next. All I want is to have sound from my PC! Once again, my PC is a XPS Gen 4 using a Creative Labs SB Audigy 2ZS (EMU10K2), DR 2.12.1. Any direction or help on what to do next will be greatly appreciated!

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