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Re: XPS GEN 4 SB Audigy 2 No Sound Problems

Same computer, I had the identical issue with the sound where i would hear the beginning of Windows startup and then it would shut off with a "pop," very annoying. Kept having to go into control pannel and uninstall creative drivers and then restart and then direct the computer to add new hardware, and it would find the sound card, install it, and it would work. Then, I had to not shut down, just go standby and it was good till it restarted for some other reason.

Like you, i went to creative website and downloaded the driver (it was not on the dell site), but this has solved my problem completely. I remember having to install a whole suite of drivers and other junk from creative's site when i did it.. It was more than just a soundcard driver. See if you can find those additional downloads i'm talking about. I think the process requested full access and to change computer defalts, and i allowed it. Good luck.

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