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Re: XPS GEN 4 SB Audigy 2 No Sound Problems

Thanks. I also noticed that my PC initially wanted to find "new hardware" and I installed the drivers that route first. I did install all the other downloads it suggested with the driver from Creative Labs. It was the Creative Audio Console and I installed the Creative Wavestudio 7, even though I doubt I'll ever use it. I also read that to change any of your volume settings once you've downloaded the Audio Console, it has to be done through that...which I thought was silly, but whatever. I had uninstalled the drivers..all of them, and reinstalled. This time around I used the driver CD that came with the PC and installed the initial set, then went back to the Creative Labs website to upgrade...and still I have the same results as before. I'm tempted to try uninstalling everything sound related and try again...I've just never had such a hassle with sound cards till now!

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