Inspiron 537s power problem

Hey guys, i am new to the forums but have been a dell customer since 1999. I recently bought a 537s for my college and my mistake was that because it was cheap i bought it from someone local. Its new but dell support phone will not help me Smiley Sad. I started the computer for the first time tomorrow and it ran for about an hour and then all of a sudden it powered off, i dont know what happened. But ever since then its not powering up, i unplugged the power cord for a good time but after plugging it back in it gave me a whtie flash light on the power button and then nothing. Then today in the morning after leaving the power cord out all night i try to start it up again, it gave me an amber light and then nothing. What is the problem? I am really really upset and dont know what to do. Please any help is greatly appreciated, thank you and god bless all.

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