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Issues when a system doesn't turn on are usually either the motherboard, the power supply, or the I/O Panel.  From your symptoms I would say it is most likely a motherboard or power supply.  Do any fans spin up?  Do you see an Auxillary power LED on the motherboard?

Do you know why tech support wouldn't help you?  I am guessing the system is probably registered to the original owner.  If the system is yours now you can fill out a onwership transfer form at under the warranty section.  Once the system is in your name you should then be able to take full advantage of Dell tech support. 

If you have a spare power supply or another computer you can take a power supply out of you can try to swap it into the system that isn't powering on.  If it runs with a different Power supply than that is all you should need, otherwise your motherboard is probably dead.


No fans spins up.

I dont see any power led on the motherboard.

The tech support said i need to verify the owners name and the only thing i have from the previous owner is his first name.



Try opening the case and check that all the power and data cables are properly connected to all the drives and motherboard.

It would seem to transfer ownership, you need, the original owner's 'First and Last' names, your personal information, Service Tag and maybe the Express Service Code of the system being transfered.




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