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Re: XPS 720 fans blowing at max, hard drive wrecked

I know my hard drive is blown, but I don't know why. Did this have anything to do with the cage-fan error messages?


Addressing the "fan failure" messages, I wouldn't pay those any mind as long as you hear your fans running.  All that means is that your fan sensor on the motherboard is going bad, if it hasn't already.  Your fans won't cause your hard drive to fail as a result of overheating because the hard drive case has its own fan to cool the drives.  However, the Caviar Black series are known to run a little hot so it could've overheated.    It's not uncommon for a drive to fail without warning, for a number of reasons.  Check the manufacture date on the drive because even if you didn't purchase it, Western Digital still honors the warranty on the drive.


I doubt I have addressed all of your concerns here but perhaps DaveT50 will be along sometime today and clear things up a bit.

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