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Re: XPS 720 fans blowing at max, hard drive wrecked

Well, I'm starting to wonder if I really need the 1066 speed. The motherboard's FSB is 800, so no matter how fast the memory responds, the motherboard sets the limit, doesn't it? However, Dell shipped this system with memory at 1066MHz, so there should be some advantage to this. Of course, if I only jeopardize my system integrity by using EPP, then I’ll better stay away from it. Somebody in another thread said that 1066 will only be of advantage if you overclock the FSB of the motherboard. If that’s true, then I don’t understand why Dell configured their systems that way. Another one even claimed that a 720 system would perform better at 800MHz vs 1066.

Anyway, do you think I should get the Dominator sticks rather than the Reapers?

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