Dimension 8400 RAM


I recently bought several sticks of this RAM:




for my DImension 8400 (with the standard mother board and XP Professional), as well as a new Hard Drive to replace the one that was failing. However after attempting to install the ram it didn't appear to be working, and my computer didn't seem to recognize it. I was wondering if this RAM was simply incompatible, or whether there was something I could do to get it to work. If there is an issue, is it a result of the RAM's speed or perhaps it's voltage (2.2v instead of 1.8v), and if it is a voltage issue, is it the motherboard or power supply (also the 8400 default) or is can I change something in BIOS. As I said, I had just installed a new hard drive, and with it windows, so could that be causing problems. Thank you for your time.. 

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