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Re: Dimension 8400 RAM

HI,             (Dimension 8400 / XP / service pack 3  /   1gb ram /)  looking for help with NEW RAM INSTALL & hard drive paging files , virtual memory, allocations

   I could use some advice on RAM. I have ordered the proper ram for my DIMENSION 8400, but just want to be sure I get the install right and etc.. I read so many things about so many things, and I just got done installing a new primary drive and a new xp operating system. So far, so good, but If any kind soul could help me a bit on configuring my rig for its best performance, I would appreciate that greatly. I have a couple of issues...

   I am getting a pair (2x1gb) of RAM, but it's been ten years since I did a ''put-in".   Should I remove the original, smaller, paired RAM boards and put them in other spots, so I CAN put the new 1gb rams where they were? Just switch 'em?   (set 'em and forget 'em) Anything else?

  Does it  matter what order they are in? should it be 1g, 1g, 512mb, 512mb in that order?

Are there any other, easy, sensible steps/things to do to speed up or improve my computer's performance? I've read some things, virtual memory, etc...(see following question), but I seem to remember some other easy things that can be done.

  Also, I'm pretty confused about PAGE FILES / PAGING FILES and hard drives. If anyone can enlighten me on this, that would be great too. Right now, the rig is configured to let windows decide the best allocations. I have a 500gb drive that is partioned into three, and I have an external 250drive, though I'm not sure I want to break up/divide the paging amongst other drives as I've read about.

When I install the new RAM, will that change my page file allocations or anything? or should I change them?

If I were to do some sort of break up and spread accross plan with the paging files allocation, etct.., would it matter if that hard drive was external and uplugged and moved around, or just one day eliminated/replaced? Anything vital that goes missing, or not a concern ?

I'll check back often, and GREAT THANKS to whomever can help me out with this issue !!

   -hazenworld  9/2/09 4:40pm p.s.t.

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