Re: Dimension 8400 RAM

I bought also an 8400,  P4 prescott 3.2mhz  HT with a GF 6800 256Mb video and the Audigy sound on Win XP about 5 years ago.


The problem I have is memory selection: in the system it came with 512 ddr2 sdram 400mhz (2 x 256), later on i purchased another 512 mb 400mhz (one 512)  (making 1 GB).

I want to throw away all and get 2 x 1 Gb, nice and easy.


So manuals states that the memory supported is 400 mhz and 533mhz, Dell upgrades says 800mhz


So what is right?  is it Ok to buy  2 stick of 1 Gb ddr2 Sdram 800mhz for my system? Or am i stuck with 400 or 533 mhz?


On another topic: what is the biggest processor supported by this motherboard? I have P4 3.2HT prescott

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