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Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio, Then Keyboard and Mouse Stop Working

I recently got a really nasty virus on my computer (Dell E510) that basically destroyed my OS.  All attempts to remove the virus failed so I resorted to re-installing Windows.  I could not access System Restore because of the virus so I had to install manually with the disks. Everything started out well, system started to restore fine until it decided it need the disk for the Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio. Specifically the file hdaudbus.sys. And this is what happened... 1. I try all three disks that I have with no automated success and 2. It is at this point when the keyboard and mouse stop operating. So I cannot cancel the operation of finding the file or browse the disk to see if the file even exists.

So at this I cannot complete the install and I now have a $1000 PAPERWEIGHT!!!

Please help it at all possible.


Okay. So I've been getting a lot of advice from various sources to download the driver from the internet and install it this way. However, this just ain't cutting it.

The problem being, right before I get to this popup (see below) the mouse and the keyboard cease to work.

At this point I have tried to open the cd try and close it. Thinking the computer will begin to read the disk and find the file. No go. Then I try to put in the Dell disk marked device drivers. Again, no go. But now that I have "replaced" the disk I get this screen (see below).

And because the mouse and keyboard no longer work I can't browse the disk to find this elusive audio driver.

I am at my wits end! I really don't want to have to take it to a computer guy. I just don't wanna have to pay all the money they are bound to charge.

If anybody out there can help. It would be greatly appreciated.


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