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Re: NEW.. Any and all concerns about the new XPS 435/8000/9000

I'm curious why 6x1GB (6 DIMMs) is used instead of 3x2GB (3 DIMMs)...isn't DDR3 memory supposed to work best in trios?


Because when I brought the computer it came with 3x1GB and the cheapest way to upgrade to 6GB was to buy 3x1GB, still runs triple channel because if you use three or six dimms it runs triple channel, but the problem I've found is that when you have a video card that requires extra power from the power supply you cant install six dimms it hangs on start up. Dell replaced four motherboards, memory three times and finally replaced the computer and still will not start with six dimms installed. I talked to a tech yesterday that told me its because I need to go buy a bigger power supply, what? I bought this computer right off of their website and everything in it is what they sell online in the configurator.


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