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Re: NEW.. Any and all concerns about the new XPS 435/8000/9000

Well it is sad to see this audio jack problem being talking about for the XPS9000.

I just ordered one. I have a lot of posts here because in 2003 i purchased a XPS Gen 2 PC and it also had this problem. I posted many times complaining about it. So it is not going away. Back then there were at least 6 posted that had thousands of replys about this problem. After 3 + years i gave up. I was never going to purchase another DELL. I then got a Dell  DJ Gen 1. They dropped support for it after one year.

The Sound Blaster card has become a bigger problem, as they have been having static issues with this card for years now, and not just to headphone jack. That is why i got just the onboard sound as the SB cards have knowen issues. Just go read the creative forums.

I would not hold my breath waiting or thinking this is going to be fixed as it will not be.


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