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Re: NEW.. Any and all concerns about the new XPS 435/8000/9000

I ordered my XPS 9000 on 10/25/09 and received it on 11/18/09 and I thought that was slow considering my previous Dell 8200 and 8300 desktops were received within 7 working days.

Only problems so far: 

The Nvidia GT220 driver blacks out for a moment sometimes.  I've upgraded to the latest 1.9107 driver but that messed up the Window's Live Photo gallery's zoom and pan slideshows (stutters) so I'm back to the original video driver for now.

Two of the top access USB ports don't seem to recognize my external hard drives.  The top headphone jack cuts off intermittently even when securely plugged in.

Start up/shut off time (to conserve energy) has improved noticeably to 85s/6s compared to my old Dell desktops with XP.

So far, so good. 

Good luck to folks still waiting on their orders!

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