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Problems with Dell Dimension 4600 Motherboard

I recently got a hold of a Dell Dimension 4600 motherboard from a friend of mine, and I am having some troubles.  I'm just going to start off by listing in order what happens when i start it up:

1.  Press power button to start computer, it powers up.

2.  Fans on computer start spinning, but nothing else happens- there is no video to my monitor, there is no 'POST complete' beep, the HDD and CD drive do not spin up (also the cd tray wont open when i press the button, also no lights on the front of the cd drive) and it sits there with the fans running.

3.  I then proceed to shut down the computer, the only way to do this is to hold down the power button for 5 seconds to do a hard shut down- this is when things get weird.  Sometimes after I shut down the computer this way, it starts itself back up again, and sits there- no input from myself.  I then shut it down and if I have to unplug the power cord so it does not 'ghost start.' (This may be the button on the case, although I doubt it is)


This motherboard is in a generic case, I found the pin config for the front panel to hook up all the front lights and buttons and such.  It also has 4 RAM chips (1GB + 1GB + 768MB + 768MB =~2.5GB RAM) [all memory slots filled]  I checked to see if it was the memory by swapping it out as I know that computers will not POST without memory or with bad memory, but no avail.  The funny thing is, If there is NO RAM in the computer, it does the same exact no-POST thing (maybe bad memory slots/bus?)

I also have tried hooking up different PSUs (power supplies), swapping the IDE cables, everything, but still I cannot get this thing to POST.  There is a single LED light near the front panel hookup, but I don't think it is an error light (I may be wrong) because I can only see 2 LEDs in that place.  There are no other lights that light up when the computer is on.

So far the only cards in the PCI/AGP slots are: 128MB video card, an extra PCI 10/100mbps Network card (plus the built in networking makes 2 ethernet ports), and a PCI dial up card. 

I cannot figure out what the problem is, I'm thinking that this motherboard is dead, but my friend claims that it works, so its been leaving me wondering. 

I would appreciate any help on the matter because if it is a bad motherboard, I have to go buy another motherboard as I need another computer for my work. 

Thanks for the help in advance,


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