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Re: Problems with Dell Dimension 4600 Motherboard


Actually yes I did, because it was given to me without a heatsink fan, so I dug through all my computer parts to find one, I had to splice the wires to the special CPU fan hookup on the motherboard (it isn't a usual CPU fan hookup than what I did, I did have the special clip though to hook it up to the motherboard, it was just a matter of splicing the wires onto that). Right now the fan is set up to blow onto the heatsink, not away from it (I don't know if the direction really matters in which the fan blows).  I do not have the plastic shroud, however, as I did not receive one with the board and it is in a generic case, it just has a fan on the heatsink, a regular case fan in the front of the case, and one of those card-slot fans that take up one of the slots on the back of the case.

I did try your idea for putting in only one DIMM into the board, resetting the CMOS, and going from there.  It did not seem to work as it still has the same things happening as it did before.



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