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Re: XPS 9000 and XPS 8000 delivery delay issues

Just got off the phone with one of the Dell "escalation team"employees and she said there are NO shortages of parts.. I mentioned that I've been reading the customer forums and customer are being told of numerous part shortages and she assured me there are none.. She said the only thing that's holding up the orders is that they received too many orders and can't fill them fast enough.. I mentioned to her that I have read of customers ordering their systems after I ordered mine and they have already received theirs, she said that all orders are filled in the order that they are received.. I also mentioned to her that if I go to their website today and configure the same exact system, it gives me a ship date of 12/25, which is a total lie as I have place my order on Nov.19th as am yet to see it almost a month later.. Anyway, good luck to all.. I'm waiting to receive my next delay email at 12:10 am Dec. 17th..

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