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Studio XPS 0033 Error and a Host of Other Problems..

I have a Studio XPS 435MT. It was the single worst decision I ever made, buying this here computer.

Since day 1 i've had one issue after another, some i've solved, others not so much.

Audio is no good, because of pretty consistent crackling noises that even hurt my ears at times with headphones on (probably either hardware or drivers). I replied to a post about it here

Even my video is causing problems. For quite a while now I've been getting an error message on the bottom right of my screen on every boot with the output 0033 (First thing I see).

I asked dell about it in a livechat once upon a long time ago. They told me it's nothing but a "Monitor Initialization code".
I thought, how very curious, I have never experienced this phenomena.
I took their advice and ignored it, but when problems kept stacking up (freezeups, BSOD's, random shutdowns) I upgraded to win 7, expecting at least some of those problems to go away. Oh how wrong i was..
Shortly afterwards I lost over a terabyte of my valuable data by simply "moving" files.

I'm now revisiting that error code. This time, Id appreciate some real answers.

 I know from other threads that Dell computers have seen many of these 0033 errors.
A lot of people get the problem with HDMI, but I'm using DVI.

http://en.community.dell.com/forums/t/19272741.aspx    At that link you will find many more people with the same error.
Leading me to believe that its either a broadly defined error code, video card problems etcetera, or a dell bios issue.

What worries me even more is that the beep of a properly completed POST (Power-On Self Test for you layman) is nonexistent.
No beep and an error code. Last I checked error codes existed to inform the user of a possible underlying issue.
Not to let us know something as trivial as "If you can see this code, your monitor still works ".

So please, tell me, what I'm supposed to do here? My first thought is motherboard problems.


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