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Re: Dell Studio 540 seems to have "died"

I seem to be having the same problem.  My Studio 540 is 13 months old (one month out of warranty).  Yesterday I came home for lunch and the screen wouldn't come on when I moved the mouse.  I noticed the power light was off so I pressed the button...nothing happened.  I pressed it a couple more times with no result.  I then held the button down and after releasing it and pressing it again it came back on.  I didn't think too much about it but today, again, the machine was off again so I went through the same steps and it came back on.  This time, however, as soon as I launched my web browser it instantly shut off.  From that point on I was unable to get it powered back on.  I can get it to start but it shuts down right after the beep sequence.  The machine is plugged into a UPS and I wanted to rule that out so I moved it to another outlet.  The green LED on the back of the case (under the PSU) comes on, as does the fan, but after the beep the fan shuts off and then the LED goes off.

Does this sound like I need a new PSU?  It kind of irks me that this thing is just out of warranty.  It's pretty much the stock system but I did install Windows 7 in September.  Is there any chance that Dell will send me a new PSU at no charge?  How can I determine that it is indeed the PSU?

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