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Re: Dell Studio 540 seems to have "died"

For those that have this issue i have been faced with every possible thing on my studio 540 that could go wrong i bought it in september 2 months in a video card issue with drivers... then just in February the hard drive went on it.. and just this past week the fan issue.. everything that is being stated here is something of a worry.. does anyone know how to check to ensure the battery is working my pc is 7 months old and under warrenty till september and i have pushed to have this thing run and test done even though dell says I did the stuff and said its fraud.. I was actually accused  by a manager at Dell for pulling fraud .. when i had clear snap shots and everything.. I am almost to the point where i will take this to the local tv station and consumer affairs.. the pc is lagging now since the fan has been installed and I am going to insist they send a guy here to fix it or send me a brand new one.. .. if anyone can get back to me with the issues you have faced that are not under warrenty anymore I will be sure to point those out if I do report it.. I already had one laptop that crapped out after its first 1 year.. with a adapter /bios issue not being done when it got sent out.. and now its toasted a battery adapter as a result.. email me at . I would love to hear your concerns if this goes further



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