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Re: XPS 8100 general, delivery, delays, hardware questions and discussions


I placed an 8000 order on the web in the UK on 29 Dec. It was delayed and then cancelled when Dell ran out of bits. Charged my CC though but finally got that back! I immedateltyl re-ordered an 8100 on 27 Jan which was shipped on 29 Jan - wow. Received it on 2 Feb. Working fine currently except today it refused to recognise a parallel port PCI card I just added; Device Manager doesn't show it so that's that. Could be the card or the 8100 system itself? PC is whisper quiet and no fan problems despite the high-end Radeon HD 5700 series graphics card fitted. Disappointed that Windows 7 start-up is as slow as XP on my previous Core Duo. This is with a core i7 and 8GB. I thought Microsoft had worked on start-up speed but obviously there is still far too much code to load.

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