Re: Inspiron 1150 Maximum Total Memory?

Had to write it here. I own an Inspiron 1150 that I brought used, and previously was told that I can only install a maximum of 2 x 512 memory modules. So at the time I had purchased one 512 memory module, forgetting that I had two 256 x 2 memory modules. Ran the 512k and the 256k together, and noticed some sluggish issues. I suspect that my 256k was worn/gone bad. I then went back to MicroCenter and purchased an PC2700 - 333 1 GB memory module, and included it with my laptop. At first I put the 1 GB in the Slot A and 512k in slot B. PC won't boot. I then switched, put the 512k in slot A and 1 GB in slot B. I can confirm that it is highly likely that this laptop can be expanded to 2GB. I currently have 1.5 GB ram running on my Inspiron 1150.

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