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g2 stepping cpu into g1 stepping board / am2 socket / e521

Someone please help me..! I have a question that might be simple for someone who is more 'versed' than I am in cpu specifics. I do have some intelligence so fire away with your best detailed answers..
Thanks on advance for your time.

prior to upgrade specs:
Dell E-521
Athlon X2 Brisbane 3600+ (1.9ghz) AM2 socket 65nm G1
2gb pc-4200 @ 533mhz
nVidia 6150 integrated on-board
DVD player
Windows Vista Home Premium

I researching upgrading the cpu, G1 stepping cpu's go up to 5200+ for my board. Anything in the Brisbane class over that (5400+ and above) states it's a G2 stepping cpu.
Will a G2 stepping cpu work in my G1 board, and will it work with the most recent BIOS version 1.1.11.; or do I have to do some flashing to the BIOS.? Maybe, it won't work at all.? I don't know and seem not to be able to get a straight answer.
Newer G2 chips run @ 45nm and some of those have the same socket (AM2), others are on the newer sockets like AM2+ and AM3, it does seem the die itself is slightly smaller.
In a related question, does the 45nm work in the 65nm and what precautions do I need to take.?
Thanks again.

Dell E521 - Athlon 64x2 6000+ (3.1Ghz) - Noctua NH-U9B - Artic Silver 5 thermal - 4GB Elpida DDR2 PC2-6400 - 2 Seagate HDDs= 240GB - PNY nVidia GT240 - Asus DVD+/-RW 24B1ST - 5.25" twin fan case cooler - 2 Dell 1905FP moniotrs - Windows 7 Ultimate x32

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