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Re: Studio XPS 8100 Realtek ALC887 Integrated Audio - weird skipping/jittery sound

I've got the same issue with my DELL 8100 Studio XPS.  I'm running a fresh version of Win7 X64 from my MSDN so I think the issues noted earlier about Roxio being the root cause are not the case, at least with mine and several others.


I've run the official Dell audio drivers as well as the newer version directly from RealTek.  In both cases after a few days the audio starts to stutter/skip. The newer RealTek drivers actually seem to make the stuttering worst.  It's actually evident in YouTube videos where as previously with the official Dell Drivers the stuttering was limited to certain applications (Winamp for example).


The fact that the audio works for a period of time but then begins to stutter/skip leads me to believe this is a software issue and not hardware.


I am at my wits end with this issue.  I'd love to hear a response from Dell on this and get this remedied ASAP.



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