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Re: Inspiron 580 noise

Generally, after just 5 days you should not be experiencing more noise and things should remain pretty quiet under normal operation.  Fan speed increases as needed and you probably only have three or four being your power supply fan, case fan, CPU fan & video card fan.  The one creating the most noise can often be your video card fan as the others tend to stay pretty quiet.  Do you know if you have a dedicated PCIe video card and a cooling fan on it?  Your best bet is to remove the side panel from your case and then listen to see if you can determine where the noise is coming from as I cannot say for sure listening to your recording plus I don't know where you put the mic to record it.  It sounds a bit unusual and annoying to me.  Taking a paper towel roll and putting it up to each fan to isolate the sound might help figure it out.  

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