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XPS 420: RAM Frequency is 667 MHz instead of 800 MHz.

My Dell Desktop XPS 420 originally has 2 x 2 GB DDR2 800 MHz CL5 SDRAM Memory. It ran at 800 MHz back then.

Recently, I added in another 2 x 2 GB DDR2 800 MHz CL6 SDRAM Memory, so the total RAM is 8 GB. However, the RAM speed drops to 667 MHz. I don't think there is setting in my BIOS that can charge the RAM speed. Is there a way to charge the RAM frequency in BIOS?

For your information, I have applied the latest BIOS update, which is A07. 

I wonder if the root cause of this problem is that I mix the CL5 RAM with CL6 RAM. However, RAM latency should not be the factor, here, right?

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