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Re: XPS 420: RAM Frequency is 667 MHz instead of 800 MHz.

I am pretty much sure that the two new RAM modules run at 800 MHz by default, since I have checked the code number of these modules. The only difference is the latency itself. I believe that by logic, all my 4 RAM modules should be able to run at 800 MHz, albeit at larger latency of the new RAM. However, such is not the case. Well, since the CL5 RAM is not available near my place, I was forced to purchase the CL6 RAM. Still, I am sure that the CL6 RAM can run at 800 MHz.

Another theory worth speculating is regarding the XPS 420 motherboard. As compared to using just 2 RAM modules, using all 4 RAM modules may decrease the motherboard stability and increase power consumption. To maintain stability, the motherboard will decrease the RAM speed.

If such theory applies to the XPS 420 motherboard, I will be utterly disappointed. I checked the User manual with no indication that RAM speed may be reduced when all RAM slots are used. I paid premium price for XPS 420 (at that time, Alienware was not offered by Dell then), and you are telling me that  the XPS 420 motherboard cannot use all 4 RAM modules without decreasing RAM speed? Come on, Extreme Performance Desktop (XPS) would have meant something, right?

Sorry for harsh tone here. It is just that i am expecting top-notch performance from my XPS 420 desktop. Any advice is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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