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Re: XPS 420: RAM Frequency is 667 MHz instead of 800 MHz.

So your saying you can't just match the RAM's MHZ as I have (PC6400 - 800MHZ). I also have to match other specs such as Latency, power or other wise? These are different sets of RAM, yes, but they are also utilizing different channels. Both sets of RAM are 800 MHZ by default. I have never heard this in any forum or other wise, might you elaberate what you mean by mismatched.

Either way if your saying they are mismatched, I should be able to purchase another set of fancy G.Skill RAM and I'll reach 800MHZ. Instead of pairing my set of cheap 800mhz DELL RAM with a better set of 800mhz G.Skill RAM.

Don't forget the other guy in this forum was also running a XPS 420 motherboard, this couldn't be the issue?

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