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Dell Insiprion One 2305 Yellow Vertical Line @ 1920x1080 resolution

So I ordered a Dell Inspiron One 2305 all-in-one desktop and it arrived yesterday afternoon.  There's some minor issues which I came across, but this one really bugs me because I don't believe it to be a hardware issue.  At first I thought it was a defective integrated LCD panel, because on black or dark backgrounds there's a 1 pixel wide yellow line on the very first column of pixels from the left that stretches from the very top to the very bottom.  I'm thinking "Oh great, new machine problems already and a major one at that".  So I started testing with a dead pixel tester program.  It was consistent through all the dark colors.  However, in troubleshooting this issue myself, there's some interesting findings:  This line isn't there during the BIOS post or the booting of Windows 7.  It's also not there if I reduce the resolution from the standard resolution of 1920x1080 to anything else (1600x900 or lower).  Also if I use the HDMI output from my laptop into the Inspiron One at 1920x1080 the line is also not there.  I believe that this is a software related issue, maybe with the graphic driver.  Can I get someone in product engineering group for this product to look and see what's going on?  It just looks bad on black or dark backgrounds and annoying when you start up a BLU-RAY movie with a yellow line down the left side of the screen.  I'm gonna go up to Best Buy tomorrow and look at a demo unit to see if it exhibits the same issue.

Some of the other annoyances that I had were:
* The screen didn't recognize as multi-touch until I rebooted a couple times after the initial setup.  I tried to do "pinch to zoom" and it did not work and in Microsoft Paint it would not draw multiple lines at once with my fingers.
* The actual volume from the system was very low even though I had the Sound Mixer to max volume.  This was solved by setting the audio volume using the THX Audio Control Panel which has a separate volume.  There was no reference to using THX Audio Control Panel to make the speakers actually be louder in any of the documentation I read.

~Daniel N. | Lead Systems Engineer | Austin, Texas
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