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Re: Studio XPS 9100 UPS


I'm still using my Studio XPS 9100 with my old APC Back UPS Pro 650 with no problems.  I can't comment on the specific BX1500G model you are asking about, but I can't think why it would not work.  To be sure, I suggest contacting APC, telling them that the Back UPS Pro 650 works, and asking if there is any reason that the BX1500G should not work.  I have no idea what to say about the Alienware Aurora. 

My contingency plan, if the old Back UPS 650 did not work, was to purchase the CyberPower PP1000SW, which at about $240, is about half the cost of a pure sine wave unit from APC.  The CyberPower gets good customer reviews on Amazon, including from some who had Dell Studio XPS 9000, which was the problem child with other UPS units, including the BX1500G. 

Sadly, both Dell and APC were very stingy with any useful information when I was looking for it.

BTW, I still like my XPS 9100 a lot.


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