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Re: Replacement power supply for Dell Dimension 9150


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Thanks Bev.

I've been researching the WM283 PS that's in my Dell, and keep finding mention of a 6pin Dell Proprietary Connector. Is that connector used? If so, what for?


That's in reference to Dell's obsolete proprietary power supply, that not been used by Dell, for over eight years.

Dell Dimension systems, 2200/2300/2350/2400,4300,4400,4500,8200 and above, [with the exception of the Dimension 4100] the PSUs are to ATX [20-pin] standard, that have been modified, by having the power on-off switch removed.

The PSU's in the Dimension systems, prior to these systems are proprietary and are not standard ATX.
Dimension 8100 systems use an even more propietary power supply, just made for that system and two or
three others.

The Dimension 4700, 8400 and e310/3000 systems and above, use a standard ATX, with a 24-pin or 20+4-pin connector, power supply, without the on/off switch.

Dell's small format and several XPS systems, use either a proprietary, or a TFX power supply.

Examples of Non-Standard ATX Power suppies, is a power supply for a small form factor system, due to it's shape, physical size and wiring harness, the power supplies for some of the earlier obsolete Dell computers, due to their non-standard wiring harness and some of Dell's newer XPS desktop models, due to their proprietary shape and size.





The 4100 modification to the motherboard is MUCH MORE than on/off switch modification.   The Pinout is quite different.

Part Number 9228C compatible with the following Dell Models

Dimension 4100, Dimension 4100, DT, Dimension 4100, MT, Dimension LXXXc MMT, Dimension V___, Dimension V___C, Dimension VXXX MDT, Dimension VXXX MT, Dimension XPS BXXXR MDT, Dimension XPS BXXXR MT, Dimension XPS R, Dimension XPS TXXX MDT, Dimension XPS TXXX MT, Optiplex E1 MT, OptiPlex G1, Optiplex G1(+) M, Optiplex G1(+) MT, Optiplex Gn M, Optiplex Gn MT, OptiPlex GX1, OptiPlex GX1 Large Tower, OptiPlex GX1 Low Profile Desktop, Optiplex GX1 M, OptiPlex GX1 Mid-Size Desktop, OptiPlex GX1 Ultra Small FF (Net PC), OptiPlex GX1 Ultra Small Form Factor, OptiPlex GX100, Optiplex GX100 MT, OptiPlex GX110, Optiplex GX110 M, Optiplex GX110 MT, OptiPlex GX110 (R2), OptiPlex GX110 (Socket processsor), OptiPlex GX115, OptiPlex GX1P, Optiplex GX1p M, Optiplex GX1p MT, OptiPlex GX200, Optiplex GX200 M, Optiplex GXA EM M, Optiplex GXA EM MT, Optiplex GXA M, Optiplex GXA MT

Hooking a DELL 9228C to ANYTHING other than the above mentioned systems causes complete destruction of the board due to wiring that is non standard.



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