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Location of Recycle Bin

I just acquired a new Dell Inspiron with Windows7.  I am totally unacquainted with Win7 and am struggling to configure the computer display to my like.  As an example I cannot locate the Recycle Bin Icon to put on my desktop. How can I find this?  Another problem that is vexing me is if I leave the computer in Sleep mode at the end of the day I have a devil of a time getting the computer to boot up the following morning.  Endless attempts at pressing the Start Button will finally result in a bootup but it is scary.  Am I doing this the wrong way?  Should I just shutdown completely and then Start up fresh the next day?  Please advise.

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Re: Location of Recycle Bin

As far as the Recycle Bin goes.... Have you tried using the Dell Dock?You can customize it just about any way you care to. I like it a lot and is easy to use. You might want to look into it.

I don't have a clue about the Sleep Mode problem. Sorry.


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Re: Location of Recycle Bin

First, what model PC and which Win 7 OS, the 32 bit or 64 bit?   Too many different Dell models.

Resuming from standby or hibernate can be iffy (exactly what are you doing? you didn't detail that so we can't really help you) depending on the PC configuration and drivers.  However, normally it's best to just power off (using the "Shutdown" button in Windows 7) the PC overnight. 

HERE is the Microsoft directions on how to show or hide the Recycle Bin and other system icons.

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Re: Location of Recycle Bin

Seems like a common Win 7 problem.

See if any of the suggestions here work for you.




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