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Re: does Dell studio XPS 435mt support [internal hard drive 2TB and up / and USB 3.0 PCI card] ?

You should find a power connector in the chassis, but Dell only ships SATA data cables for the drives they installed.  If you plan to add a second SATA hard drive you will need to purchase a data cable for the drive.

You can replace the existing 500 GB drive with a 2 TB drive if you wish.  You should be aware that nearly all hard disk drives of that size use Advanced Formatting; if you plan to perform a clean installation of Windows 7, the installation disk you use should have Service Pack 1 incorporated.  The earlier installation disks without that service pack can sometimes have difficulty with advanced format drives.  If you should choose to clone your existing hard drive to a new 2 TB hard drive, you should use the utility that is often available from the vendor to do so.  Otherwise, you can use the most recent version of most imaging tools.

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