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Re: Adding USB 3.0 card to new Dell XPS 8300?

Thanks I thought so. But I have 4 SATA cables. 2 are up at the top of the system: 1 of these is for the disc drive, presumable the second is for the second disc drive (not installed). The other 2 are at the bottom of the system but used for each of the hard drives. I cannot stretch the cable from the disc drives to the bottom of the system, as are linked quite close together in sets of two.

There is no way to have 2 hard drives, 2 discs drives and this USB 3.0 card?

Would this card require additional power?

Looking at this part also. There is a splitter just as it goes to the hard drives. If I use this part and split it between the two harddrives (therefore there will be 2 splitters before I get to the hard drives - the original one and the one I added) and take the other end and add it to your connector (SATA to MOLEX) - original spliiter then connector then USB 3.0 card.

Will this work or drain too much power/slow down my drives? In addition to having 2 disc drives.

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