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Re: PN for the primary heatsink in a T7500?

Part Number U016F/ 0U016F compatible with the following Dell Models:

Precision T3500, Precision T5500, Precision Workstation T3500, Precision Workstation T5500, T3500 WORKSTATION, T5500 WORKSTATION

OK ... and ?? What is your point ??

I don't have this heatsink, but if you look at the "Black Plastic Air Baffle XX416":

you will see four holes - I bet they will perfectly fit for the heatpipes from the heatsink 🙂

Otherwise - why they would bother to make those holes ??

The same situation is with memory risers for Dell 690 / T7400 - part numbers are different but memory risers with P/N for 690 are working perfectly fine in T7400 and vice versa. Heatsinks for 490, 690, T5400, T7400 are also fully interchangeable.

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