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RE: PN for the primary heatsink in a T7500?

Oddly this still seems to be somewhat unanswered. I also am looking for an answer to this. My own digging around turns up 3 different heat sinks for the primary cpu. One solid aluminum and 2 copper/aluminum/heatpipe models. My guess is the actual specified heatsink is dependent on the processor installed. Some of the higher powered processors run much hotter then some of the lower power ones. The lowest power 5600 series Xeon processors only have a TDP of 40w while the 2 fastest have a whopping 130 TDP! My best guess is the solid aluminum heatsink is intended for the lower range (L5609, L5618, etc) 40w and 60w processors. The middle heatsink is probably intended for the middle range 80w processors. Finally the largest of the heatsinks is probably specified for the hottest of the 5600 series processors (the fastest quad and hex core models) running at 95w and 130w. The 3 model heatsinks I've run across are T012F - Solid aluminum one U016F - mid height aluminum/copper/heatpipe one U402F - tallest aluminum/copper/heatpipe one (this one does stick up into the 4 holes in the black plastic shroud)
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