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Vostro 200 continues to reboot

Hi All,

I have a Vostro 200 desktop running Vista business that continues to restart. It will get to the welcome blue screen and it says "please wait" then it reboots. It will only make it to the desktop in safe mode.

The owner got the google redirect virus and I used the Kaspersky removal tool (like I have many times before) it cleaned it up and asked for a reboot, which I did and that is when the issue started.

Once I get into safe mode, I tried doing a restore, but it had locked out the previous restore points. I ran spybot and got a lot of stuff cleaned up and it brought back the restore points, but still wouldn't restore.

So I booted from the CD and ran restore from there. Now it still continues to reboot, and it had restored to an earlier point, I can see the changes in the programs that I downloaded, but it hasn't solved any of the problems. It seems to have made it even more angry Smiley Happy

I can't figure out how to undo the restore either since the system is really registering that I restored it. Any suggestions on fixing this beast or is it time to reformat?


PS I would love to not reformat this person has soooo much stuff that I don't want to put back on

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