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Took apart H2C cooling system and found a problem

I have a dell xps 720 h2c. Using coretemp I noticed that during folding at stock clocks my cpu temp would jump up to around 75C on all cores. I purchased the non H2C cooler off ebay and installed it. My temps went down 20C now my cpu sits at 55C (QX6850 btw). I wanted to see what was wrong with my H2C unit that was causing the high temps. I drained the fuild from it and disassembled it. The pump, radiator, and peltier unit all seemed to work correctly. Then I got to the water block. There is a filter installed in the incoming line, this has little bits of stuff in it so I cleaned it out and tried to blow through it, it was impossible, it seemed like no air was going through it. I can't see how any water would pass through it. When I disassembled it further I found the plate on the inside was covered with corrosion. The micro chanels were for the most part blocked. I cleaned everything out and tested it outside the system. With the pump at full power, the water basically trickled out of the block. The flow was extremely low, any lower and it would probably just drip out. I can't see how this is good for cooling, especially a processor with a TDP 130 watts. I feel the block is the weakest part of the H2C system. I would like to try a different block with the system, but I can't see spending around $100 to fix a cooler that should have worked in the first place. I am very disappointed in dell especially after spending over $3000 on this system.

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