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Mystery... Sound issue - not a plug missing....

Dear all,

If anyone can solve this mystery it would be much appreciated

I have recently bought an XPS 8100. Curse the day i did so. Its a core intel i7 cpu, 2.8ghz,  64 bit with 8 mega bit of ram. I have windows 7

In summary, the sound disappears and then never returns. This seems to have happened when i adedd some software (i.e. i think it could be the printer i uplodaded HP photosmart series or Itunes) but basically the sound just goes.  Or maybe when there is an windows update, or something similar. One day its working fine, and the suddenly no more (and once it goes, its gone. no way of bringing it back unless i basically reinstall everything as when released from factory, and then it works). My sound card is Creative XB Xfi

All sound tests work out and diagnotistics does not identify any problems. I try to restore to previous 'windows'versions, but now this is also  not working.

Frankly put, i am completely fed up of everytime having to reinstall everything because my sound disappers. Calling help is just a waste as they tell me to check plugs and cables.....

I'm sure this is not a hardware failure per se - it seems a software failure. For some reason when i click on my music files a little red cross comes up and says Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file."

Community - i'm this close to throwing this piece of junk out of the window. As entertianing as this would be, i would be grateful for any help




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