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Re: Mystery... Sound issue - not a plug missing....

OK - i give up

Did not work. i don't think its the right issue as i'm not upgrading to windows 7 - my computer was delivered with windows 7. The error message from the media file is also shorter than the one the forum refers to

When i tried downloading the audio files anyway, and i trried to install the soundblaster xfi files, it stopped as it said it 'did not find the device on the computer'' - bizarre as it appears in the control pannel

Another thing worth mentioning is that this is the second "SAME'" computer i receive from Dell. The first one that was delivered had various issues, and i eventually got it replaced as it was damaged. But one of these issues was exactly the same as this one! Suddently, for no reason, no sounds with anyhting (windows start up, youtube, etc. you name it).

I have not uploaded old data, etc. - the only element which could affect the 2 computers in the same manner is the peripheral device i bought. HP photosmart series 101 - it must be something to do with this maybe and some update / conflict?

Anyway, i think its the end of the tunnel, and i will need to pass this onto the dell technical team - or maybe should i just erase myt whole computer and throw away the printer?!!!

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